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With TimePay, managing roster is easy. Whether an employee is sick or taking annual leave or moving from one job to another, you just need a few clicks.

The Roster puts the summary of employees' labour allocation at a glance. You can filter by projects, jobs and even employees week by week or day by day. You are able to check who is available to work on which date. The Roster can also synchronize any absent employees and replacement from the Leave Calendar, which is built into the Roster.


Timesheet online is so exciting! Employees can enter timesheet for themselves or their team members anywhere and anytime online. The roster details are transferred to timesheet automatically. The filled up timesheet can also be transferred automatically to payroll for payroll processing.

Timesheet in TimePay is also able to track multiple jobs for an employee in a day. It makes job cost tracking much easier and accurate in payroll processing and further in billing.


Get rid of the complicated spreadsheet for payroll processing. With TimePay, the payroll officer just needs to check the already transferred timesheets which employees have filled up. If employees have not filled up the timesheet yet, simply enter their total worked hours in TimePay and TimePay will automatically calculate the units of all applicable pay items according to your pre-setup calculation method. You can then either process the payrun with a few clicks in the TimePay and send STP report to ATO, or export pay item details to MYOB (or any other compatible accounting systems) for processing the payrun.